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Dance Moms is an amazing reality show about 6 amazing dancers being put to the test every week by their teacher when they dance for the top of pyramid. This show airs every Tuesday 9pm/c. On the App store and Play store you can find the Dance Moms app!


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Dance Moms an amazing reality show about some Dancers and their moms. Their strict dance teacher is Abby Lee Miller and she has a lot of dance plans and dance moves that get her wins. To quote what Miss Abby says "Second is the first to lose "yes that is what she says when the girls get second place in competition.The biggest rival for the ALDC back in seasons 1-4 were the Candy Apples who are run by a lady named Cathy who used to be part of ALDC. The two dance teams have been at it ever since Cathy left the team with her daughter. Cathy and her team have beaten the ALDC once before and they want to do it again but Miss Abby and her dance team are more experienced and know that they can beat Cathy and her team and they do week after week. Since the ALDC went to California, their biggest rival in season 5 is MDP(Murrieta Dance Project).

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